Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crangie-Ale---Angie and Craig Are Married: Virginia Wedding and Potrait Photography

Really, this couple could not have been any cuter-----and what better way to start of 2011 with a little vintage flair!

Angie's concept for her wedding was a 1950's diner approach. She really stepped out of the box by wearing a short knee length dress for their beautiful Catholic ceremony held at St. Benedicts Church in Richmond. Her colors were black, white, and red...but she mixed in rustic brown and glass elements to create a really remarkable pallet. The guys wore simple black tuxedo's with red vests, while the grooms vest was gray (my favorite!). The girls wore a deep wine red strapless dress with large reflective details melting down the bottoms of the dresses.

For a February wedding, the weather could not have been more perfect! It was terribly windy outside, but it worked FOR us and I captured one of my favorite wedding photos ever---it's whimsical and really, to me, captured who this couple is in so many ways.

The attention to detail at this wedding was completely adorable. When you see Angie and Craig, you know that they are a completely unique couple and with Angie's background in the music industry, it's really clear why they chose all of the tiny details that they did. One of the really neat things is that they carried their simple designs all through Capitol Ale House---including in the bathroom! Angie filled the space with black and white framed photos of the two of them and accented with old records, pearls, cat eye sunglasses, buddy holly sunglasses, and of course....elvis sunglasses! Each martini glass was filled with cherries and topped with a tea light floater candle. These sat on top of very small square cocktail tables creating a very cozy environment.

I am so thrilled with the portraiture that we were able to capture at this wedding. Angie and Craig wanted fantastic photos, but they also wanted to get to the party and have a great celebration. Carolyn and I plotted out a wild sprint on a one block radius to pick out several spots for cute photos and details. In a record 10 minutes, we shot a series of images of Angie and Craig that they are going to ADORE for years to come:

I did take quite a bit longer doing some interesting shots of Angie...I was incredibly caught up in her dress, hair, and just her general cuteness....I did a collection of images for her that I hope she will LOVE simply because there is nothing traditional about any of these images!

And of course, my famous dress photo....

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